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Q:  How do I register?

Click the "Click Here to Register Online" link on the League Home page and follow the instructions.  You will begin by registering as a parent/guardian and the name of the first child you are registering.  You then will have the ability to register that child for a league. Once you have registered your first child, you may add an additional child and register him/her for a league. Continue in this manner to add and register any additional children.



Q:  Are you still accepting registrations?

Registration for all Bear Cub Baseball leagues ends on February 25, 2018.  Late Registration, with a $25 late fee, is open through March 4 for Major, Minor, CP1 and CP2 Leagues. After March 5, registration will be accepted with a $40 late fee and players will be placed on a wait-list. Tee-Ball League registration is open through March 30.

Q: I am not sure if my child who turns 9 this year is ready for Minor League. What are my options?

With the 2015 change from grade-based registration to age-based registration, some young 9 year olds were being placed into the Minor division – specifically, kids turning 9 AFTER April 30. If your child turns 9 after April 30 and you feel your child is not ready for the Minor division (generally comprised of 9 and 10 year olds), you now have the option to select the Coach Pitch 2 (CP2) division. If you are unsure about your child’s abilities, you can select the Minor division and have the your child evaluated with the group. The UABCB staff will help determine which division the player should be placed. Please contact Bear Cub Baseball if you have questions about this.


Q:  We do not live in Upper Arlington.  Is my child able to play in the Bear Cub Baseball League?

Our new affiliation with Little League International requires that, in order for a player to be eligible for a year-end Little League tournament team, that player must either a) attend school within or b) have one parent that lives within the boundaries we created upon chartering with Little League International at the beginning of the 2014 season.  Players not meeting one of these two requirements but played Bear Cub Baseball in 2013 and 2014 are grandfathered and eligible for Little League tournament play.  Players living outside of Bear Cub's boundaries that are not grandfathered are welcome to play in our league but would not be eligible to participate in Little League tournament play.  Upper Arlington residents do have priority should a particular league fill up entirely, however, we will make every effort to have all applicants placed on a team. Click "Boundary Map for UA Bear Cub Players" on the left Menu for additional detail.



Q:  For which league should I register my child?

Your child will be assigned to a league based on his or her age as of April 30, 2018.



Q: Can my 4 year old play in the Little Bear Tee-Ball League?

If your child will turn 4 prior to April 30, 2018, he or she is eligible to play. 5 year olds will have first priority in joining the Little Bear Tee-Ball League if we reach our limit of 192 players. Children who are 3 on April 30, 2018 are not eligible to play until next year.



Q:  Is this a boys only baseball league?

No, it is not.  Girls are encouraged to play at all levels and we have high participation for girls in both Tee-Ball divisions.  We believe our league, which uses age-specific balls, groomed fields, and a lot of patience is a great place for young girls to learn the basic fundamentals that will provide them a sound foundation for future softball play should they eventually convert over.  If your daughter wishes to play softball, registration for that league is at www.bearcubsoftball.com. UABCB is not affiliated with Bear Cub Softball.



Q:  Can I request to play with a certain player or team?

For a variety of reasons from past experience, Bear Cub Baseball will not honor team placement requests with the exception of the Tee-Ball divisions. With so many participants, it is impossible to satisfy all requests. Additionally, a major goal of the organization is to maintain a competitive balance in the Major, Minor and Coach Pitch divisions. Honoring requests would hinder our ability to achieve this goal. 

The ONLY EXCEPTIONS are as follows:

  1. The children of the coaches of that team are paired together.  So, if you absolutely must be with someone, become a head coach. For the Tee-Ball leagues, the Head Coach of each team is allowed to name up to three assistant coaches at the time of registration. For the Coach Pitch leagues and Kid Pitch leagues, the Head Coach of each team is allowed to name up to two Assistant Coaches at the time of registration.
  2. Brothers and sisters who are playing in the same division (i.e. the same league) are placed on the same team, whether by placement or player draft, whichever is the procedure for placing players in a particular division/leagues.
  3. We will make an effort to honor requests in the Tee-Ball divisions with a secondary effort of placing kids from the same school together.
  4. We cannot not honor requests in the tball leagues to keep entire teams together. For clarification, an entire team is defined as 6 or more players, unless exceptions #1 or #2 are considerations.



Q:  When will I find out what team I am on?

Registration ends in early March (early April for both Tee-Ball divisions).  Team rosters will be compiled over the following weeks and finalized as follows:

  • in March (exact date TBD) (Practices begin early April and Games begins late April.)
  • Coach Pitch 1 and 2 Leagues - Rosters handed out at Coaches Meeting (date TBD). (Practices begin early April and Games begins late April.)
  • Tee-Ball and Little Bear Tee-Ball League  (date TBD) (Season begins early May)

Expect to receive communication via an email or phone call from your coach a few days after the dates listed above depending on the league in which your child is participating.



Q:  What kind of time commitment is there and what should my expectations be?

The time commitment will vary based on the level of the league.  More specifically,

  1. Little Bear Tee-Ball (4 and 5 Year Olds) will gather once per week on Saturdays for 75 minutes starting the first Saturday in May.  The first 30 minutes consist of a practice/skills session and the last 45 minutes a 2-3 inning "game".  Each team will get to bat around with no outs recorded and no score kept.
  2. Tee-Ball (6 Year Olds) meets once during the week for a 60 minute practice and once on Saturday for a 75 minute "game."
  3. Coach Pitch (7/8), Minor (9/10) and Major (11/12) Leagues can expect to gather 2-3 times per week with practices and games played any day throughout the week.

For more information on each league's guidelines, click here to go to the Downloadable Forms and Files page.



Q:  What can I expect regarding uniforms and equipment?

  1. 4/5 Tee-Ball players will each receive a jersey, batting helmet and a baseball that they will get to keep.
  2. 5/6 Tee-Ball, Coach Pitch, Minor and Major League division players will each get a hat, jersey, pants and socks.  The Minor and Major League division players will also get a belt.
  3. Tee-Ball, Coach Pitch, Minor and Major League teams will each have 5 batting helmets to use during the season.
  4. Coach Pitch, Minor and Major League teams will also be provided with catcher's equipment.
  5. Each Little Bear Tee-Ball team will have one team bat.  Bats are not provided for the other leagues.  We have a limited number of older bats for those leagues.  We have found that many kids have their own that they like to use and are willing to let their teammates use.
  6. All players will receive a team picture (included in registration fee).  Additional team pictures and/or individual pictures can be order directly through the photographer on Picture Day (date to be determined).
  7. Participation trophies will be given to players in the Tee-Ball divisions.  Tournament Champion and Runner Up trophies will be given to players in the Coach Pitch and Kid Pitch divisions.



Q:  Can my child "play up" into the next higher league?

We generally discourage this as we believe most players develop best when they are in a group of kids close to their own age. Consequently, any child wanting to "play up" will need to request it in the comments section during registration while also having a parent/guardian register as a coach. The decision to allow a player to play in an older division will be made by the Bear Cub Board of Directors.

Note that there are times when teams in the older leagues will be short on players for a given game due to family vacation, illness, etc.  At that time, the coach of such a team can ask for a player from a lower league to play as a substitute.  If you would like to make your child available to play as a substitute, let your team coach know and he can respond when a request for a substitute comes through. 



Q:  Question not answered?

If your question has not been answered here, please feel free to contact us by email at uabearcubbaseball@gmail.com


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