Lost and Found

Have you lost or found something? See below.

Updated Wednesday June 21, 2017 by Upper Arlington Bear Cub Baseball.

Lost and Found:

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Don Wagner commented on May 12, 11:27pm
"Grabbed a Black with tan trim Wilson a550 mitt off old timers today after our 1pm game. If yours call me 614 746-6025 Don Wagner "
Bill Black commented on May 31, 11:02am
"Car Keys found on Northam field #2, 5-28-18. Contact the league."
Tracy Macedonia commented on June 1, 10:48am
"Last Saturday, my daughter left her hat and baseball glove at Northwest Field #2. The glove had a sticker with our last name on it, Macedonia. And the hat is a Marlins t-ball hat. I went back to look for it but it was not there. If you found these, please call or text 440-821-7895. Thanks! "
Matthew Rigney commented on June 6, 1:25am
"FOUND: Wilson Softball glove at Northwest Park #2 ... M. PAPE ... Call or Text Matt Rigney on 614-356-0091"
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