Ohio Concussion Law and Training/Certification

Updated Tuesday March 24, 2015 by Upper Arlington Bear Cub Baseball.

As of 4/26/2013 UA Bear Cub Baseball is required by Law to provide this information on Concussions to Parents, Coaches and Umpires.

Parents, Coaches and Umpires, I urge you to read the attached links to information on Head Injuries.

There is also a link to take the FREE test and anyone can take it.

ALL Coaches and ALL Umpires must take an approved concussion course and pass the test, and obtain a certificate.  Coaches and Umpires can be charged with violating a state law if you do not take an approved course and get certification by passing approved test every three years.

If you have any questions, please contact the Ohio Department of Health at 614-466-2144.

I urge Parents to ask your Coaches if they have taken this test. It is your child that is at risk of the head injuries.

Please do your due diligence and read the info attached and also to hold your Coaches accountable for taking the State Mandated test.

UA Bear Cub Baseball by law is not required to confirm that each Coach has complied and we will not be taking proof of compliance from each Coach. It is all of our collective responsibility as Parents and Coaches to do this.

If you wish to read more on these bills, they are S.B 26 and H.B.16.



Mike DiBlasi

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Eileen Scahill commented on April 27, 8:42pm
"Hello. I don't see any attached links for the concussion training. Can you please post them?"
Chad Clark commented on March 29, 3:35pm
"There is a free course on https://nfhslearn.com. You have to make an account, if you don't have one already, then search concussion in the courses section."
firstname lastname commented Just Now

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